Eight inch (20,3cm) Produced at least until 1976.

The outfit of the later Bo Peep on the right has altered from the list description. Both wear a stiffened full petticoat and long pantaloons with lace trim. Note the different straw hats.

Many little girls are fond of horse riding. This is the reason for the Old Cottage Rider doll being probably the most popular and prolific doll in the range until it was discontinued in 1972. Riders were made in many sizes in the early years. This group illustrates the variety of riding habits.

These photographs show the early 1950s PVA headed dolls in varying sizes. They are dressed in “little girl” dresses and were produced as toys for children.

The white dress is not original. The larger size dolls always wear commercially made, bought in, “Cinderella” plastic shoes. The smaller dolls have felt shoes made by Old Cottage Toys.

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